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the coral route

The Coral Route,
Maceió, Porto Galinhas, Recife, Olinda and Fernando de Noronha

The Coral Route has to be done in this order, saving the best for last, with Recife being the entrance and leaving point for this route.

Start your holiday by staying, relaxing and playing at Porto de Galinhas, following the underwater journey with all its barrier reef at the coral route.

Outside the reef the sea is rough, ideal for surfing. Waves and tides cover the reef and fill the pools, constantly renewing its placid water always full of fish of the most vivid colors. Minimalism is not understood in this part of the world, everything here is exuberant colours, light and life.

Then move back to Recife, whose name comes from the barrier reef that borders its coast, and this is why it is a dream to snorkel or dive in the sea off its beaches; the aquatic life and underwater scenery are fantastic and plentiful, another splurge of Brazilian Nature. It is also Brazil’s oldest state capital, and its streets have witnessed much history, including pirates and privateers. The Dutch made it the capital of Dutch Brazil, a 70 year interlude to Portuguese rule, and left their architectural mark with canals and dams. Lose yourself for a few days in this colonial city and its environs.

Following History, you move to Olinda – an architectural jewel recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its buildings reflect its Portuguese heritage, dating from the 16th century, and the religious orders that had their monasteries in different parts of the city. As a sugar producer, it was so prosperous that it competed in luxury with the Portuguese capital. Largely destroyed by the Dutch, the Portuguese regained control and rebuilt from the mid 17th century. It then became a holiday resort for Recife residents who wanted to enjoy the calm sea, and they began to build their villas there. This is a very genuine and old piece of Brazil’s colonial history, with of course its own beaches and diving opportunities. It’s easy strolling the streets of Olinda to be transported to another era.

We have to return to Recife and from there by plane to paradise! On arriving, you will discover that the simple perfection of Nature exists.

Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places in the world for diving or snorkeling – the sea is generally calm and at its clearest from August to November, and is always warm at 26 ° C with an abundance of aquatic wildlife.

From December to March the winds change direction, and generate two-meter waves and perfect tubes for surfing. Fernando de Noronha pleases everyone. The coral route could be called then the wave route.

The entire Fernando de Noronha archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a protected terrestrial and aquatic zone. There is an entrance fee to help fund preservation of the admirable ecosystem. There are also rules to ensure animals continue to dominate their habitat and where humans are the intruders and tolerated. You may be observed by animals with curiosity, and in surprising and unforgettable moments approached for a better look! Many have been surprised by and will not forget the rub of a friendly dolphin, or the visit of a giant sea turtle, while swimming in the sea.

Fernando de Noronha is undoubtedly a paradise that will be the highlight of your trip, but due to strict restrictions on visitor numbers please book early!

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