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Route of the Tuiuiu

Route of the Tuiuiu,
Bonito and Pantanal

The Tuiuiú, the tallest flying bird in South America, is symbolic of the Pantanal – the world’s largest tropical wetlands. Let´s get introduced to this world with our Route of the Tuiuiu.

Located in the states of Matto Grosso and Matto Grosso do Sul and bordering Bolivia and Paraguay, you’ll be far from the coast but never be far from water. The rains and floods come during October to March, so the best time to visit is May to September.

The annual flood cycle in the Pantanal results in massive fish reproduction across a large diversity of aquatic habitats. Every year there is a spectacular natural, ecological phenomenon called “Piracema”, the up-river migration for this reproduction.

This is an excellent tour for wildlife enthusiasts, with countless species of birds, mammals and aquatic life. Even the elusive jaguar is frequently spotted.

The Route of the Tuiuiu is also one of our most comfortable destinations in terms of infrastructure.

Your plane will arrive in Campo Grande and from there you’ll travel by road to Bonito – a small town famous for its underwater attractions. Bonito is just … beautiful. The crystal clear rivers of the region are like natural aquariums.

So what to do?

Passive snorkelling: floating down the crystal clear Prata River observing the rich aquatic life is an amazing experience. You’ll be followed by shoals of fish and the great Dourado, one of the biggest fresh water fish

Dive in abysses 20 meters deep; roam by boat or trekking along rivers in search of waterfalls; rappel to underground lakes the size of a football field.

If it takes your fancy you can join the locals in their most popular recreational activity – fishing. The sport fishing calendar in the Pantanal starts on March 1st and finishes on October 31st.

The Serra da Bodoquena National Park is an enchanted place that surprises at every turn with high waterfalls, havens for swimming and deep ravines.

And after discovering so many treasures near Bonito, the Route of the Tuiuiu has still a surprise to offer, it’s time to go to a working cattle ranch in the Pantanal, and meet with more than 315 species of birds, crocodiles, jaguars, otters, macaws, snakes, capybaras, sloths, anteaters, giant nests-cathedral termite and the king of the Pantanal: the Tuiuiú.

In the dry season, choosing the best remnant waterholes delivers rewards: crocodile mass demonstrations, particularly at night.

We should also mention the beauty of the flora. The green, gentle and immense serenity of the jungle is disrupted by the Ipe trees, which bloom in pink, yellow or white. The Pantanal artist who wanted to leave his touch of color, showing an exquisite sense of aesthetics, but also a lot of humor.

It is advisable to book tours a few months in advance as there are restrictions on the number of visitors to avoid excessive tourism and deterioration of the ecosystem.

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