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Route of the Sea and Sand

Route of the Sea and Sand,
From Fortaleza to Natal and then on to Fernando de Noronha

In that order, if you want to save the best for last and fully enjoy the Route of the Sea and Sand.

There are only two seasons, the rainy season, from January to July, and the drier the rest of the year.

Between Fortaleza and Natal there are more than 500 km of beaches, with the least visited providing an almost desert ambience. Many are pristine, with no or very little tourism. However even the more popular and visited areas near Fortaleza and Natal seem undeveloped when compared to Europe – and those near Natal offer many fun activities such as “ski-bunda” (literally – if we put it politely – skiing on your bottom) or tobogganing down dunes straight into a cool freshwater lagoon, “aero-bunda” or zip-lining down the dunes, buggy rides through the dunes, and much more.

You’ll arrive in Fortaleza by plane, and then travel by 4X4 – most of the time off-road – with your undisputed travel companions being the sea and sand. You’ll wear what’s perfect for this equatorial climate – a swimsuit for sure, perhaps a shirt for sun protection, and probably Brazil’s ubiquitous flip-flops.

Your Route of the Sea and Sand will lead you through Canoa Quebrada, Canyon Ceará with its cliffs, Tibau where you cross from the State of Ceará to the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Areia Branca., the Falésias – sand cliffs the colour of fire red-, Ponta do Mel, Galinhos and Caiçaras – places struggling to survive in the battle between the sea and the dunes, Maracajaú and its natural pools, Cabo de São Roque – America’s closest point to Africa, to Natal.

But even in the extremely humid and hot summer, the idea of celebrating Christmas in Natal (founded on Christmas Day, 1599) – “Natal no Natal“ – is very tempting. If you do, you will experience something completely different from the Northern hemisphere.

Your onward journeys from Natal will inevitably carry sand as a long term souvenir. So fine and white, it’s able to enter any slot and virtually impossible to fully shake it off.

Thus far, you will have been captivated by fun and beauty – but now from Natal you will fly to Fernando de Noronha and paradise! On arriving, you will discover that the simple perfection of Nature exists.

Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places in the world for diving or snorkeling – the sea is generally calm and at its clearest from August to November, and is always warm at 26 ° C with an abundance of aquatic wildlife.

From December to March the winds change direction, and generate two-meter waves and perfect tubes for surfing. Fernando de Noronha pleases everyone.

The entire Fernando de Noronha archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a protected terrestrial and aquatic zone. There is an entrance fee to help fund preservation of the admirable ecosystem. There are also rules to ensure animals continue to dominate their habitat and where humans are the intruders and tolerated. You may be observed by animals with curiosity, and in surprising and unforgettable moments approached for a better look! Many have been surprised by and will not forget the rub of a friendly dolphin, or the visit of a giant sea turtle, while swimming in the sea. The best of the Route of the Sea and Sand for last


Fernando de Noronha undoubtedly a paradise that will be the highlight of your trip, but due to strict restrictions on visitor numbers please book early!

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