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Route of Emotions

Route of Emotions
Fortaleza to San Luis

… or vice versa. The order does not alter the product. The Route of Emotions is absolutely fascinating.

You will pass by Flecheiras, Jericoacoara, Barra Grande, Delta Parnaiba and to end or begin, however you like it, the National Park Lençóis Maranhenses.

This part of Brazil’s northeastern coast runs some 300km south of the Equator. It is hot and humid, with two seasons: wetter from January to July, and drier from August to December.

It is located in a belt of low pressure so the trade winds converge here, together with an area of high water temperature. This results in an exceptional place to practice wind and kite surfing. Try it for a day, or linger and excel.

Simplicity is the theme for travel here. Since there are very few roads here, you will instead travel by Jeep along the beach, crossing rivers on log rafts. You will sleep and eat in places lovingly created to be in harmony with the environment. All places are clean and offer personal services, but do not expect luxury! Go to bed at dusk lulled by the murmur of the sea and wind and wake up at dawn to the screams of parrots and monkeys on a deserted island. And above everything, enjoy the Route of Emotions.

Pause as you travel to…

… stop and take a dip on the miles and miles of deserted beaches

… drop by a fisherman’s hut and eat freshly caught lobster and fish

… board slide down fine white sand dunes into warm freshwater lakes

… eat tropical fruit sitting in water surrounded by fish

… nap in a hammock strung inches above the sea.

… explore mangroves and river outfalls searching for seahorse nests

… visit and sleep on deserted islands in the Parnaiba Delta.

… watch flights of Guarás in the Igarapés Delta.

… be captivated by the subtleties of varying sunsets, which seem to get better every day. Discover the immense world of soft sand dotted with a lagoon world that is the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.

Simply nothing compares to these experiences! All of this is our Route of Emotions

After such a trip, it will be hard to explain how every one of your senses was touched by the majesty of this experience, but your eyes, complexion and excitement will communicate and let others know that you have experienced something unique. And when you finally settle back into your routine, it will be a real delight to savor your memories when you discover sand still attached to your belongings…

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