How we work, How we organise your trip

approachingBrazil specializes in tailor-made holidays, honeymoons, sporting trips and group tours to Brazil. Let us explain you how we work.

Brazil is very large and has a huge diversity of things to see and do. We will discuss options with you and take into account your interests and budget in drafting and finalizing your itinerary. Then we will make all necessary arrangements from your arrival to your departure – (the accommodation, tours and transfers) – while giving you as much freedom and independence as you wish.

What we do not do is sell flights, although we can certainly recommend options. We believe our clients can often get the best flight deals on their own, or want to use their air miles.

When you arrive in Brazil, a country where English speakers may be scarce, you will be eased into your holiday with some guidance along the way.

This is how we work, our booking process works like this:

Step 1 – You contact Approaching Brazil by email or phone

Step 2 – We discuss your holiday plans to learn more about you, any specific interests you may have, for how long you plan to travel and the standard of accommodation and services you expect.

Step 3 – We create a detailed itinerary for you with daily plans, schedules and descriptions of hotels and tours. The itinerary is then emailed to you for review.

Step 4 – You adjust the itinerary as you wish. We then amend the itinerary so that it will match the perfect holiday for you.

Step 5 – We will ask you for a deposit to secure the holiday.

Step 6 – Two months prior to departure, you pay us the balance of the holiday’s cost.

Step 7 – A month prior to travel, we send you a comprehensive travel dossier with all of your travel documentation.

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