how to behave in Brazil

Nov 12, 2019

How to behave in Brazil

In today’s publication, we want to bridge the gap between Europeans or Americans  and the Brazilian, especially so that the European or American can enjoy his holiday in Brazil without experiencing nasty surprises because of misconduct. This misconduct is usually caused by lack of knowledge about how to behave in Brazil. Let’s explain that in more detail.

That there are differences, of course, is desired. One does not undertake such a journey in order to feel in the end like in his local pub. Experience the foreign, explore and enjoy …. but how, if you have been shaped in a certain way all your life and you know nothing else? But maybe that works if you understand your counterpart and understand the logic of his behavior.

There are two very good reasons why it is always better to adapt: ​​it is healthier and more eventful. So knowing how to behave in Brazil is very helpful in order to enjoy a holiday there.

Brazil is a country that has other dangers than Europe or North America. It is therefore very healthy to adapt and not attract attention by unusual behavior.

Starting with the hospitality. The common Brazilian is always nice and never says no. That’s how politeness is. He feels obliged to be hospitable with every guest or visitor. He immediately offers everything; his house, his car, his food … And it works because the other side is privy to how to behave in Brazil. You do not just accept generosity like that. Here is a concrete example: a group is sitting in the restaurant and the bill comes. There will always be one and only one bill. And in the end it is shared, mostly. But before it is argued eagerly, who may pay the bill. The longer you argue about it, the more manageable you are. Everyone wants to pay. Please, the word “all” is well noticed! That means, dear  Europeans and Americans, not just accept any invitation without resistance. If you have a little sympathy for the Brazilian, who can not deny his whole upbringing and can not say it, let us share the bill.

Another point where you can experience significant differences is in terms of hygiene, both your own and the environment. The latter is not so important to the Brazilian, but his own. Remember, if the dirty drainage channels that flow freely through the Brazilian cities are extremely disgusting for you, then it is just as bad for a Brazilian to smell the natural body odor of a person who does not take a shower at least twice a day , Showering is a popular sport in Brazil, which is more often practiced than football. And while we’re at it, in general, body care is very important. Manicure, pedicure, legs, axles and other clean-shaven, hair always clean, well-kept and impeccable. This applies to the lady and the gentleman.

I hope we are slowly getting closer to the goal of knowing how to behave in Brazil.

Now to fashion. Yes, I know with Birkenstocks you can conquer everything; from the south pole to the equator. The Brazilian manages to do that with Havaianas, the local flip-flops. He wanders, cycles, kicks and of course, goes to the beach with them. And always, without exception, without socks! Even if he puts so much energy into his own body care, so the whole thing should look mainly casual. As if you just woke up with perfect manicure, oh well, and then you put on the first one lying around, the Havaianas. All natural and without compulsion.

And if you do not want to know how to behave in Brazil, then you should definitely visit a favela on your next visit. A Brazilian would never do that. But you really notice that, as a tourist of the stupidest kind, who wants to be attacked. And believe me, surely you’ll find someone who does you the favor.

At approachingBrazil, we are happy to advise you and give you the best tips to expand your knowledge of how to behave in Brazil.

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