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Jul 9, 2019

Hidden Peru: Choquequirao Trek

If you dream of discovering hidden treasures, live out the ultimate Indiana Jones fantasy on this adventurous trek to a lost Inca ruin that until recently lay forgotten within the smothering embrace of the jungle. Hidden Peru: Choquequirao Trek.

To this day the hilltop ruins of the ancient city of Choquequirao are only partially excavated, adding to the sense of remote exploration that rewards anyone who makes the challenging journey to reach them. In many ways the experience is reminiscent of the Inca Trail before the tourists arrived: steep ascents and descents across mountain passes deliver views just as spectacular as this trek’s more famous counterpart. Like the trip we offer on the Inca Trail, you’ll arrive at the end of a hard day’s walking to find your camp set up for you and a hot meal waiting.

The 5-day trek includes a full day of exploring the rambling ruins themselves, believed to be far more extensive – beneath their jungle blanket – than Machu Picchu. It’s a mysterious and magical place that is all the more rewarding for its staggeringly remote setting.

We leave from  Cusco, starting our trekking in Cachora, passing by Chiquisca, explore Choquequirao, then Cocamasana, to end back in Cusco.

This is a high altitude trek (up to 3,040m) but fully assisted with a knowledgeable guide to lead the way and a team of porters to carry all equipment and have the camp set up and a hot meal waiting by the time you arrive.

Of course this trip can be combined with our Macchu Picchu itinerary, and adjusted to your needs and wishes, as it is our signature trade mark at approachingBrazil.

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