Brazil flowers, where to find them in Rio

Oct 8, 2019

Brazil flowers, where to find them in Rio

The beaches, the fruits yet their juices too, the rainforest … there are plenty of stuff that mixes this unique country. And to this group there can not miss the flowers. With the publication of today we would like to present the Brazil flowers, where to find them in Rio and how to enjoy this immense beauty.

Orchids, of course, must be the first. Even though it’s easy to find them everywhere and still not at all expensive, in Brazil they grow almost everywhere. It is not uncommon to see them cling around trees. You might think they are parasites, but that’s not exactly the truth, they do not restrict their host. It is rather a limited society.

Another very Brazilian flower that likes to hang on trees is the bromeliad. She even has a bad reputation. Because of its shape, rainwater accumulates in it and that in the tropics means nest of mosquitoes. Dengue fever, yellow fever and all the diseases that need the tiger mosquito as a vector. Even if they are dangerous the beautiful Brazil flowers, where to find them in Rio is not difficult at all.

Heliconia is full of varieties, my favorite is wagneriana. Especially because it has a very long durability in a vase. But what I like more is to see it push to the outside to enjoy another beautiful limited society, heliconia and its pollinator hummingbird. It is wonderful to see this little bird hanging in front of the flower and how its Portuguese name says, beija-flor (kissing it).

Of course, European allergies do not exist in a country whose flowers do not use insects or wind, but larger animals so the pollen is not so aggressive.

Anthurium has become common in Europe too, but with the Brazil flowers, where to find them in Rio is precisely the difference. They grow everywhere almost like weeds. Of course, infinitely more beautiful. The exuberance of flowers is so developed, I think, because of the absence of stress. They do not need to cycle the four seasons. There is no cold, hail, or wind to attack them, it is the bliss of the flowers!

The banana flower is not only beautiful, it also has medicinal properties. Especially in Asia we find many recipes with the flower. It is indicated to lose weight, for intestine, the pains of menstruation … And when it starts to rot, we already have a nice banana diet.

Brazil flowers, where to find them in Rio. I think the question has already been answered; all over ! But to buy them and make beautiful floral arrangements there are according to the district and the day of the week different markets where to find them. If not, every day, in Coral (Companhia Brasileira de Alimentos) in Leblon or Humaitá, you can find the most beautiful flowers and still enjoy a very interesting walk. And to find the most beautiful, fresh and cheap, you have to go to the CADEG (Centro de Abastecimento do Estado da Guanabara) Benfica neighborhood. But you have to go early; it’s really a supplier market, the stores are shopping there before opening. If you arrive after 9:00 in the morning, it is very likely to miss the Brazil flowers, where to find them in Rio like, is not at all difficult.

And to experience a complete summary of the flowers of Brazil, you have to pay a visit to Sitio de Burle Marx. With pleasure,

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