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Apr 3, 2019

Family trip to Brazil: Rio, Iguazú, Bahía and Lençois

Family trip to Brazil: Rio, Iguazú, Bahía and Lençois
Brazil is a huge, varied, vibrant, exotic, tropical country, full of life. What an opportunity to take the whole family on vacation to a place that satisfies the diverse interests of all! If you are passionate about culture, or a lover of adrenaline, outdoors or nature, in Brazil you will find something that you are most passionate about. Stay in Rio de Janeiro, one of the liveliest cities in the world, with mountains and jungle in the heart of the city. Even the ways in which you transport yourself are stimulating: ride a helicopter to fly over the beaches, climb the Sugar Loaf in a cable car and take the train to the incredibly steep mountain of Corcovado.

After all this, you will be thrilled with the power of the Iguazu Falls, which plummet over cliffs through the jungle, populated by monkeys and toucans: but you will not only watch them,  you will explore them closely, by boat and on foot, and you’ll probably get wet a lot.

From there, on a flight to the northeast, to Bahia, the state with the greatest African influence in Brazil. Salvador, the capital, has a different environment to that of Rio, with a colorful culture that reflects the heritage of the African slaves brought to work in the plantations. Watch the ladies with big smiles that sell tropical fruits and youngsters who show off their skills in martial art dance – capoeira – on the street, accompanied by the rhythm of an African drum that dominates the distinctive musical style of the region. Head inland to Lençois, on the remote plateau of Chapada Diamantina, stroll among waterfalls and blue pools and enjoy the incredible views of the mountains. It ends on one of the glorious beaches in the shade of palm trees for which the state is justly famous.

All this tour in just two weeks, intense but unforgettable two weeks enjoying all the diversity and fun that Brazil has to offer.

If you are looking for a family vacation, far from technology, this is the ideal route to keep your children interested in something different from their electronic devices. A spectacular way to relax with the family, while making unforgettable memories.

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