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About us Travel agency specialized tailor made holidays Brazil

Having experienced first-hand the adventure of traveling in Brazil, we are always surprised that such a fascinating and wonderful country receives so few overseas visitors.

Certain deterrents for travelling to Brazil are: not being familiar with the language, the distant location and organizational concerns. We at approachingBrazil are here to solve all that!

Since we have experienced these issues and overcome them, we know how to ensure a great Brazilian holiday experience. Not only have we travelled extensively in Brazil, but we have lived there too. We also speak Portuguese and understand the culture. All of this experience is invaluable to our customers.

We are passionate and sentimental about Brazil and want you to truly discover the beauty and culture that Brazil has to offer and take those memories home with you to share with others.

We have many contacts in Brazil and know whom to trust. We only give our confidence to those service providers who share our desire for you to have a great holiday, and who have demonstrated their commitment to quality and reliability. As we organize your holiday, you can rest assured that we will be focused on creating the best possible experience and value for your holiday investment.

Our core objective is for our customers to have a unique, personalized and custom-made holiday that is unforgettable, comfortable, safe, budget friendly and exceeds your expectations. After all, satisfied customers are the only way we can make our business grow.

The itineraries on this site site are only starting points. In the end, it will be you who will decide everything: when and how you will travel, where you will stay, where you will stop and for how long and what activities you will partake in.

How do we do this? By being great communicators! We will listen carefully so that we can understand exactly what you want. We will advise you on the best options. We will design and agree upon your itinerary. And finally we will be 100% available to solve unforeseen problems that might crop up during your holiday.

About us Travel agency specialized tailor made holidays Brazil. We are a small, independent and ambitious company. That means your booking and satisfaction is very important to us, and we aspire to give you the best possible personal service.

About us Travel agency specialized tailor made holidays Brazil.

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