We bring Brazil closer to you


…Brazil is a country that has places of indescribable beauty: gorgeous beaches, vast rivers, overflowing jungles, plus loving and welcoming people.  Some of these places are hard to reach, which makes them all the more unique. approachingBrazil is all about making this wonderful country more accessible from any corner of the world! And with our Custom made holidays to Brazil, you will have the best experience.

The physical distance will of course remain the same, but it is our goal to eliminate any problems that can impact your holiday: communication, cultural misunderstanding, organisational deficiencies and scheduling difficulties.

At approachingBrazil we fell head over heels in love with this country a long time ago and want to make your holiday special by enabling you to appreciate vast expanses of almost untouched nature.

For your special adventure, we will strive to give you only the most positive of experiences. You will return from your adventure with the biggest smile and a piece of infinity in your eyes. And not just because of the beauty of the country, but certainly too because of the support you will have during the trip which will allow you to relax and feel very confident about all the different places.

All of our itineraries can be adapted to your specific tastes and needs. We can’t wait to hear of your hopes and dreams for your special vacation so we can give you the best tailor-made itinerary. This is what a custom made holidays to Brazil means.

And all of the destinations offer a natural infrastructure, with little intervention from the humans: natural ventilation (forget about air conditioning), warm water heated by the Sun (learn a new definition of the word shower), endless beaches that are a absolutely wonderful … what is going to be offered to your eyes is unique.